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the milan furniture fair: review

by:Grade     2019-12-29
Two weeks ago, the world design industry gathered for 52 annual Salone del Mobile.
Milan Furniture Fair is a 6-day, city-
In the widespread celebration of design innovation, the big brands launched their latest products, a new generation of designers wanted to be discovered, and emerging trends also showed.
This year, designers love natural materials in the same way, especially marble in various shades.
The exhibition hall is full of Carrara-
Top tea tables for brands such as E15, Tradition and Normann Copenhagen.
The most impressive thing is Jim Hannon.
Tan, the Australian designer, in the 3 logo dens of the new Milan design store l\'eclettico, the table is made of a piece of marble.
The same thing: a mix of Patricia ochillaand-
Match Budri\'s marble collection.
Table for Normann Copenhagen, 3 signature nested tables for Jim Hannon
The most ambitious use of marble was designed by Spanish designer Patricia uquila, who worked with Italian marble expert Budri.
Less than 12 months ago, when the company\'s warehouse in Milan Dora, northern Italy, was hit by an earthquake, Urquiola was given the freedom to make something out of a lot of broken marble.
The result is an earthquake. 9 (
A reference for earthquake scale)
, Collection of wall and floor coverings, shelves and geometric inclinations-
Use more than 40 tables made of different marble.
It is well adapted to the continuing \"rising\" trend of design made of waste materials.
Brass joints (
To a lesser extent, copper)
Was found in large numbers. The London-
Cyprus-based Michael Anastassiades has shown his work in several exhibitions this week, creating elegant table lamps and ceiling lamps, which are used with ceiling lamps
Milan Furniture Fair 2013 Milan Furniture Fair-
Christine Lemieux\'s amazing New York apartment design notebook: three of the best milk pot material games in brass VW coat holders and bookshelves (left), by Tom Dixon;
Secure desk lamp and pendant for brass and mouth-
The opaline blown by Michael annastades Tom Dixon has always been a fan of these colorful metals, which are used in a series of wall lights this year.
What is particularly fascinating is his eclectic collection of accessories series polished brass tea sets.
On a larger scale, it was Dixon\'s Volkswagen cloakrack and bookshelf: oversized, brutal --
It looks like a piece of furniture made of brass, which Dickson calls \"big heavyweight metal minimalism \".
Reading: fashion trends
At the Milan Furniture Fair, Cork is everywhere, and the Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland has the most delightful form of oak and Cork rafting chairs designed for discipline-a new Italian brand that deserves attention.
Elsewhere, Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana designed bamboo, rattan and silk for baccarat.
More unusual, in a dramatic performance at Armani/Casa, a table and wardrobe made of woven banana fibers.
The cork pops up the Pianis pendant light in the Cork, the chair that Lars Beller Fjetland drifted for discipline. \"Minimalism\" mentioned by Dixon is very common in the air, which
Cable traffic in Constantine Grcic-
The frame furniture of Magis looks like it was made for the Bauhaus.
Jasper Morrison applied for his refusal.
Decoration methods for some new products, including clever cable neatness, are ideal for our growing gadgetsabundant homes.
A series of block Kelly produced by Swedish studio Clarkson covisto rune-
Inspired by colorful chairs by American minimalist artist Ellsworth Kelly.
Less is More: Konstantin Grcic\'s traffic to Magis each of these Minimalists also appears in the black collection of Marsotto Edizione.
Under the creative guidance of British designer James Irvine (
Died in February)
Marble has released a black Marquina version that was previously available only in white Kalala.
The effect is very serious, but there is no denying that it is beautiful.
Picture: Milan Furniture Show 2013 new black more highlights: Chair 5AR (1956)
Starting with the Lukki series designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara, Artek has been put into production;
Vincent Van Durson\'s pottery, because when objects work, it is black if a color unites designers from every era and every corner of the world.
This is almost impossible to avoid, with highlights including the New Black version provided by Belgian accessories for Vincent van Dosen\'s pottery collection while the object was working, and toadstool-
Designed for Norman Copenhagen by holmbachordentoft for styling occlusion standard lights.
The Finnish brand Artek, al Flos established a archive of over 600 designs owned by Gino Sarfatti, when the Italian lighting company Flos re-released a series of lights designed by Gino Sarfatti in the 1930 s, 70 s, it decided to modernize these technologies by implementing LED technology.
The challenge is to use modern-
Provide daytime light sources without compromising the integrity of the original design.
Animal magic: Palo Alto lighting garden bench for Serralunga;
The front-end design of Moroso is abnormal;
The Chien Savant desk, made by Philippe Starck for Magis relief, appears in various forms, most notably in a series of humanoid works throughout the city.
Philip Stark loose a plastic dog.
Designed a shape table called Chien Savant for Magis\'s Me Too Series children, Eero domnio is still designed at the age of 80, responsible for an oversized dove outdoor lightcum-
Serralunga\'s bench.
What\'s even more frightening is the abnormal range of the front design of Moroso: leather pouffes, which looks like the headless support of the farm beast.
World of Tomorrow: January, plechác and Henry wiel Gus from the Czech Republic found inspiration in the chandeliers of their modern crystal chandeliers;
Knitted decorative board for doors and windows in Tokyo-
Ishikawa-based designer Chisato does not lack the wit and whimsy from a large number of young designers who come to Salone del Mobile and want to be discovered.
Examples include Gao Xuhua, a student at the School of Art and Design at Beijing University of Technology, who deconstructed Burberry-
The plaid shirt covers a table, and the shape of the table is inspired by the ancient Song Dynasty (960-1279).
Chisato Ishikawa from Japan and her company 117/ichiichinana give a cunning and lovely example of a series of snow
White knit panel covering front door glass.
In January, the promising Czech duo plechá c and Henry wiel Gus worked with Bohemian crystal expert Lasvit to produce six chandeliers based on shapes like La Scala and the bolshoi.
It\'s a design that has a new perspective on things that we\'re looking for in Milan.
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