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the top 10 wedding planning mistakes you can avoid and save thousands of dollars

by:Grade     2020-08-06
Mistake 1 -
Be your own wedding planner.
It\'s so interesting to have friends and family to help with wedding planning.
You want to share this particular experience with your loved ones and involve them in the whole process.
There is a list in the magazine and countless books are written. V.
The performance is very rich and you may have some experience in planning other activities yourself.
You may think that with all this free information and the team you are willing to help, you can save a lot of money in the process.
However, nothing can replace a well
Trained and experienced wedding planners guide you through many twists and turns you will encounter along the way.
Wedding planners know which suppliers in your area will provide you with the best possible service at the lowest price.
Planners are able to negotiate preferential prices with each supplier.
When there is a conflict with your supplier, or even sometimes your family, it is also very important to have a neutral party to defend you.
Finally, it\'s priceless to have someone on your side on your most important day.
Thousands of details need to come together and you need someone with experience to make the day go smoothly.
Even wedding planners who have been in business for decades will hire other wedding planners to help them when their own family has a wedding.
Laurie Hartville, the owner of a memorable wedding, \"one of Florida\'s most respected wedding planning companies, has this statement on the subject:\" In the future, when my daughter is engaged, there is no doubt that I will hire another wedding planner to help with this important day.
I want to remember, enjoy and embrace the whole experience just like any mother of the bride.
\"Don\'t let your friends and family work on the day of the wedding and let them enjoy the time with you.
You can only do this once, and your family will appreciate the guests at your wedding, not the workers.
Give the job to the professionals so you can enjoy the stress-free moments. Mistake 2 -
Let friends bake cakes-
\"Ha G, the cake is made of flour, sugar and water. . .
My first car was not that expensive.
So this is from the movie Father of the bride.
It\'s easy to understand why George\'s first choice is to have his sister bake a cake or order one from a local grocery store.
Before you go out and ask Gladys of the hair net to write \"congrats\" on the cake with her best cursive, please consider this.
On your wedding day, as your guests stroll through your reception, admire the splendor of the room, the unique center, or the delicious champagne, one of the highlights of the visit will be a careful inspection of the cake.
When your guests investigate your cake, they will see an extension of your personality, style and elegance.
Really experienced bakers are not just bakers, they are also artists.
They will take the time to sit down with you for free consultation.
They will listen to all your thoughts and they will look at all the photos you cut off from the magazine.
Only professional bakers can incorporate all these things into their art of eating.
Of course, let\'s not forget the taste of the cake.
You should do the taste test frequently.
Bring your mom, your sister, your best friend.
Have a good day!
Try a variety of flavors, textures and icing.
Too dry, too wet?
Is the icing too sweet, too hard, too thin, not smooth enough?
These are all things you want to know before Aunt Betty launches her home --
On your wedding day, a version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was made.
Ask a professional baker. Mistake 3 -
Let a friend play music.
Have you ever had an uncomfortable situation?
You saw an old friend in the mall, but you forgot her name, you had lunch with your boss and she had a piece of spinach on her teeth?
Now imagine your wedding, you hold your new groom in your arms and you are all ready to dance for the first time.
All of your friends and family are looking forward to it, the lights are low and love is in the air. But wait. . .
What is the sound from the speakers in the corner? Silence.
What\'s worse, when your cousin Fred is frantically trying to be in his I-Pod.
Your feeling right now is exactly what countless brides feel when they ask their friends to play some songs at their wedding and they think they will save hundreds of dollars on the DJ.
There\'s a lot to do besides playing music at the wedding.
Who will announce the toast? the dances?
Who will keep things open and make sure your guests know where to go and when to go there?
Who will let them know when to get their table to the cafeteria so there won\'t be 100 people in line?
Who will tell them what will happen next?
Who will make sure there is no uncomfortable pause throughout the evening?
Who will get your guests excited about routines like mother and son dancing, father and daughter dancing, garter and bouquet throwing?
If you are smart, the answer is a professional DJ.
This is your wedding.
Your DJ will create or break the day.
It is your own responsibility to hire a professional. Mistake 4 -
Let friends or family take pictures.
Your friend is a great photographer.
As a wedding gift, they offered to take photos.
That saves you thousands of dollars.
You need to ask a few questions before you decide to accept their offer.
How many weddings have you had?
Can I have a look at your portfolio?
What style of photography are you good?
If they can\'t show you pictures of the actual wedding then you don\'t want to take the risk.
There are many unique challenges in shooting weddings.
Will the ceremony be held outdoors?
When is the day?
Is there a special lighting requirement?
Is there any limit to the church\'s flash photography?
After the ceremony, you will want to take a few photos with your family, are they fully equipped and understand how to complete the work within the specified time frame?
The lights will be low at the reception, so does he have the right equipment to take the pictures he needs?
Experienced professional photographers will know the right questions to ask you before the wedding to make sure you are not disappointed after the wedding.
Tell your friends or family with your camera that you \'d rather have them enjoy your wedding and be a guest.
You will never dream of having them work on your special day.
Anyway, if they have a camera with them, then you can share more photos with your friends and family. Mistake 5 -
A friend made a video.
In today\'s world of video and phone, almost anything that happens can be shared in cyberspace in a minute.
Then think that enough people will use these phones or flip the cameras, maybe even one of those real cameras, and you will have a lot of footage to review. Think again.
Your guests want to enjoy your day.
The last thing in their head is to take out their I-
The phone records what happened.
Even if some of your guests take the time to capture your special ceremony, the sound quality is not ideal.
Do you want to hear your vows, or do you want to hear the wind, the low words, or worse. . . nothing.
Professional video (
Preferably in HD.
Will make sure you capture the magic of your most special day in a way that still pictures can never do.
Ask the perspective cameraman what kind of experience they have.
Can you see some samples of their work?
You will be surprised at how many different styles of editing are available.
Remember, 50 years later, when you share your memories with your grandchildren, you\'ll want to show a video that won\'t make them laugh. Mistake 6 -
Order invitation letter online.
There is no doubt that from ordering pizza to checking the names on the Christmas shopping list, we are already a society that relies on the internet to meet our most basic needs.
Average 10-
The old man now writes faster than he does, so it\'s natural for us to go online first and then ask questions.
When it comes to your wedding invitations, it\'s time to draw a line.
You\'re not planning your sister\'s graduation party here, you\'re inviting people to your wedding!
Invite experts to be proficient in all the correct wording of your invitation.
There are many other factors to consider.
Do you need to place cards, escort cards, reception instructions, response cards, menu cards, procedures?
Will you mention his parents, your parents, none of them?
Is his father a doctor, a priest, a diplomat or a senator?
How many people have you invited?
How many of them do you think will really come?
Is your list fixed?
There are certain ways to solve all these situations, and in order to save your time and stress, everything should be done in a certain order.
Invite experts to guide you through all options.
Have a good day.
Go out for lunch with your mom and your best friend.
Sit down with invitations, feel them, smell them, hold them in your hands.
If you \'ve gone through dozens of books and haven\'t found what you\'re looking for, then someone can create a custom invite for you.
This is your only chance to experience all aspects of planning your wedding.
Embrace it and enjoy it. Mistake 7 -
Let friends or family make food.
So grandma Gertrude made a lasagna in Sicily.
Cousin Carl has a secret recipe for smoked salmon that makes Wolfgang Parker cry.
That doesn\'t mean you need to get them to work on your wedding day.
It doesn\'t mean that the perfect dish they make for a family of eight will become just as good when feeding hundreds of fifty. eight.
There are other things to consider before you throw away your food and beverage card.
A professional caterer will know how many plates, silverware, napkins, Chargers, glasses, champagne flutes, center pieces ,(
Do you understand what I mean? Or should I go on because I don\'t even scratch the surface)to bring.
Professionals know how much food to make so you don\'t run out.
Professional caterers have pots, plates, spatula, butter, spices, permits, refrigeration equipment, after the wedding reception, the staff will provide your guests with the food they will be talking about. Oh, by the way. . .
Those things that I just mentioned, who is going to clean up?
If you do the right thing, let your family enjoy your day and hire a professional caterer.
By the way, make sure your caterer allows you to do a taste test.
If they can\'t take the time to get you to taste their food in advance, throw that card away and move on. Mistake 8 -
Order and arrange your own flowers and center-
So you \'ve always wanted to explore the more creative side of you.
You stroll down the aisle of your favorite craft shop.
You can even arrange some arrangements with some of the silk flowers you find in \"Old Times\" or \"hobbies.
This does not give you the experience you need to be a wedding florist.
Do you know what season it was at the wedding?
If you don\'t plan ahead, you will pay more than you should.
Do you know when to order flowers so they can find you in enough time, trim them, arrange them but not too fast as they will deteriorate?
Have you ever made a bouquet? a boutonniere? a centerpiece?
Have you ever decorated the arches on the beach an hour before the wedding?
Try it and put on your wedding dress.
Please send me a photo if you intend to do so.
Do you have room for a fridge to keep all this fresh until you walk through the aisle?
I can go on and on, but I hope you understand that.
Leave the flowers to professionals.
Again, make it a day.
Bring your mom, have a drink and have a good time.
Most florists will sit down with you for free consultation and take the time to ask you the right questions to make sure you get the look you want within the budget you can afford. Mistake 9 -
Hold a reception in the park or at a friend\'s house.
On the surface, it sounds like a great way to save money.
Let\'s face it, the hotel and country club charge you a fine?
You are wrong when you consider these details: If you plan to receive in a neutral place, you will need to bring a table, a chair, and possibly a tent, linen, silverware, plates, etc.
All these items need to be rented.
You have to pay for delivery and setup.
You need to consider lighting, weather, parking, noise regulations, homeowner association, etc.
What happens if someone falls on your friend\'s lawn?
It is the responsibility of the hotel and other facilities to cover the situation.
In order to get liability insurance on your own, you must consider the additional costs.
Do yourself a favor.
Plan your reception in a place with staff, equipment, space and expertise to make your wedding reception a non-care celebration with family, friends and spouses. Mistake 10 -
Highlight every little detail.
If you have followed the advice in this article and hired professionals to handle the details of your big day, there should be no reason to emphasize it.
Even if something goes wrong (And it will)
What you need to remember is that you are going to marry a man or woman of your dreams.
At the end of the day, you will promise another person, thick or thin, good or bad, to stick to it, in sickness and health, until one of you dies!
Wow, it\'s more important than the color of the flowers on your bouquet, isn\'t it? Don\'t stress.
Finally, consider it.
You will call the doctor if you need surgery.
You will call a lawyer if you are charged.
It is equally important for you to hire a certified wedding planner.
They have the expertise you need to save you thousands of dollars.
Take a deep breath, look around, embrace the process and enjoy it at enough moments.
Congratulate you on your engagement.
Go out and have some fun now!
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