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this curved floor lamp is the perfect solution for rooms without overhead lighting

by:Grade     2020-06-21
The Arco floor lamp stands out from many iconic designs and is a perfect combination of form and function.
This floor lamp, known for its huge arc shape, did not do anything until it was truly able to provide direct light from above.
Arco has a light source close to 7 feet from the base to illuminate the dining table or large sofa from above, just like the chandelier on the base.
You can see your dinner without cable TV.
Under the overhead lights
Height design at Italy Post 1962
During the Renaissance of war design, the Arco floor lamp was just one of about 150 practical daily items designed by Italian brother Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.
Under the leadership of aquire, the two tried to solve the problem of consumers.
Sometimes they don\'t even know they have-
With a simple design, not only the concept of Arco, but how it is built, this strategy is also obvious.
Inspired by the design of a regular street lamp, Arco\'s bulbs are housed in a Globe
Like an aluminum shadow hung by a thin square stainless steel neck, it can be bent 95 inch from the ground and horizontally 79 inch from the bottom (
Although the arc is adjustable).
This comprehensive design is applied to the large marble base.
Nearly 2 feet high and 10 inch wide, the heavy piece can be used as a small side table in the living room or can easily be hidden in the corner of the room.
There is a hole in the middle of the base, two people can move 78-
Beat the light with the broom handle. Fifty-
Seven years after the first appearance of the Arco floor lamp, it is still an iconic and desirable design --
Part of the reason is that it\'s big-
The screen image in a movie like diamond is always the work of Italy.
Getting authentic Arco, still produced according to the original design of castiglion, will cost you $3,500.
But there\'s a lot of inspiration here.
More affordable version-points.
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