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this genius little box will show you tomorrow’s weather by recreating it on your living room table

by:Grade     2020-05-19
Thanks to this little box, you won\'t have no umbrella caught anymore, it reproduces tomorrow\'s weather forecast in your living room-with actual rain and storm clouds.
Yes, you can get an app for this, but it doesn\'t look so cool on your bedside table.
This is ken Kawamoto\'s idea-a software engineer during the day and a gadget genius at night-as part of his plan to \"break the barriers between the digital world and the real world.
The micro-world in the box can create real rain spots and clouds, simulate thunderstorms, lightning and brilliant sunshine, and show you weather forecasts or real weather
Weather in your living room.
So it\'s perfect if you live in a basement/cave or you are always stuck in the weather.
This gadget uses a wireless connection to make hourly predictions from your computer or smartphone, and then recreate weather conditions in a tight confined space.
It contains a water pump, mist diffuser and led to produce all the special effects and an Arduino microcomputer to control everything.
The only thing that won\'t reappear is the snow because Ken is from Tokyo and there isn\'t much snow there.
Ken plans to raise a temporary Mirror later this year (
You can register and will be notified when he registers)
But if you have a technical mind, he will help you to post instructions on how to build your own.
Can someone build us one while you are there?
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