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tiny farm grows giant crop in old dartmouth shipping container

by:Grade     2020-01-02
A 12-
Rice containers that used to transport goods overseas are now a city farm on the Dartmouth waterfront, serving food to customers closer to home.
Very local greenery planted in the large parking lot across the street from King\'s Wharf development.
The industrial position is in sharp contrast to the interior-atiny, high-
A science farm full of life.
\"This container can basically accommodate the same amount of green leafy vegetables as the traditional two vegetables
Phil Harcher says he believes the first freight farm in Benova scosher was created by him this spring.
Farming in containers is the latest trend in urban agriculture, and even in the cold winter is a way to get fresh local produce.
Containers have proven to be transport-able, sustainable and available.
\"We can grow from-50 °c to 50 °c,\" Hatcher said . \".
\"It doesn\'t matter, it\'s definitely our goal to accelerate in the fall and spend the winter.
\"Walk into the container and you will hear the soft cries of coriander, basil and kale mixed together.
There is about 5,000 plant growth spaces, Hatcher says, and they are all grown by hydroponics, so there is no soil, there is only water.
Digging a new position for a common root proved difficult. Plants grow horizontally from slender pillars suspended from the ceiling.
Between the pillars are LED lights, and after opening, the space feels more like a nightclub than a farm.
Hatchersaid said the project reduced water use by about 95 cents compared to traditional farms.
\"We recycle all the water from the air conditioner and all the water from the dehumidifier, so we actually produce more water than we need now,\" he said . \".
Hatcherdon has no background in agriculture.
In fact, he worked in the film industry for 15 years before he made a huge career change and bought a container.
Due to the freight farm in Boston, it will cost about $150,000 to build the business
The basic business of manufacturing and selling these devices began in 2010.
One of the key points is the farmers\' ability to control everything.
From lighting to nutrition
Send remotely via phone
No sun, no soil, no problem: vertical farm grows indoors.
The way to read different things and calculate numbers with computer control and sensors, but at the same time, it is the pump, it is the water, it is the tank, it is the air, it is the light.
Robert France, professor at the College of Agriculture at the University of aldahousi, said one of the main obstacles to urban agriculture is the lack of space.
\"The advantage of having a variety of containers is that you can pick up your production system and move it elsewhere, if there are other uses to decide your previous site,\" France said ,\". Who cooperate?
A book about urban agriculture was edited.
He said that because of the two big developments in the past five years, farms like this have taken off --
LED lights and hydroponics.
He taught an online course on urban agriculture and said it attracted people like Hatcher who no longer had illusions about their first career and they were looking for
People like chef Dwayne MacLeod are benefiting from this trend.
He was one of Hatcher\'s first clients.
He could almost see the farm from his restaurant, Cut Steakhouse, on the Water Street in Halifax.
In the past, he said, it was a challenge to find products that were harvested that day.
Now he just needs to drive across the bridge.
He has been working with Hatcher to get some of his favorite plants in the farm\'s planting rotation.
MacLeod says the green vegetables grown in the container taste stronger and more delicate.
\"This is a very interesting contrast between the two, and I found that the shelf life of these products may be three times longer than any of the products I used before, and the output you get from it is only the phenomenon-level McLeod said.
Now, very local green vegetables are one-man, one-shipping-
Container operations, but later this summer, Hatcherplansto hirestaff.
If all goes well, he hopes to add a second container to his fleet soon.
\"I don\'t think people realize how easy it is,\" Hatcher said . \".
\"It\'s interesting, so I think anyone who wants to love urban agriculture should do it.
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