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tracing the origins of the drop crystal chandelier

by:Grade     2020-08-09
The chandelier has been around for quite some time.
About 5,000 years ago, these chandeliers were already used in many public places.
However, they are not as complex as we have today.
Thanks to the development of science and technology, as well as the skills and creativity of modern people, we have brought a new era to the crystal chandelier.
The earliest crystal lamp in Egypt was made in Egypt.
The lights were used to decorate the tomb of Pharaoh.
They are considered the first chandelier ever.
While other traces of the chandelier can also be seen from around the world, many see Egypt as the first country to make the chandelier we know today.
Since the first butter lamp came out, the variety of crystal chandelier decoration has begun to develop.
There are plastic, brass, stainless steel, ceramic and more materials.
The decoration also becomes infinite;
During this period, you can see the chandeliers in various shapes and sizes.
However, production is not as extensive as we have today.
The discovery of the 12th century has been developed for several centuries, and people think of a clearer chandelier.
Therefore, in order to add luster to the lighting equipment, the water wafer is combined together.
However, Egypt was the first country to use crystals in chandeliers.
But because the cost is very expensive, the field of these chandeliers only rotates among the rich and influential people.
Moving to the 18th century marks the first spread of crystal chandeliers
Drop type in particular.
Since Louis XIV came to power in France, Europe has begun to make modern decorations.
Because the country is rich in economy and culture, it is not difficult for him to influence the world to become civilized.
When he decided to build the most luxurious palace-
Palace of Versailles--
Some technological advances, including chandeliers.
It took him twenty years to establish the symbol of Empire.
Because the Palace inherited his legacy, the place is only right to decorate with one of the world\'s most luxurious and expensive lighting equipment ---
True crystal chandelier.
Today, the price of this chandelier is the same as a 80 feet yacht or a separate home in London.
Because the chandelier is made of pure water Crystal and real gold, it is not surprising why the price of lighting equipment is like this.
Today, crystal chandeliers are everywhere.
While these fixtures may not be as expensive as they were, they still carry the sophistication and elegance of the European people.
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