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TRADE SECRETS; Character Actors And Straight Men

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4. When is too much 2003 not enough?
Recently, I have been thinking about this problem. as the time is shortened and the evening comes very early, I reach out to get the switch on the desk lamp.
I now have more desk lamps than the power outlets in my apartment.
How can such a practical, ordinary thing--
Dollar notes for interior design-
Known as obsession?
I decided it couldn\'t when I bought another one.
I took it home and pulled out last month\'s favorite plug with a calm and cruel hand. O. K. , astonish me.
This sounds strange, but the desk lamp has other interests besides lighting.
The designer I spoke with agreed, though if you know how difficult the theme of the desk lamp and lampshade is (few rules;
Class intuition)
You will live in the dark
\"12,\" Jack Levy, a New York decorator, said when asked how difficult it was in the range of 1 to 10.
\"It\'s hard to do right.
A beautiful thing for a room puzzle?
\"Advertising, but the decorators seem to be rediscovering clever desk lamps, which can mitigate the decorative impact without occupying the furniture space.
The things they go to are already there. Mr. advertising
Levy mentioned a recent project by Tommi Parzinger and Dunbar that mixes the Moroccan theme with medieval modern furniture. The lamps?
\"Murano glass and plaster at the hotel Fountainbleu,\" Mr.
Levy is talking about Oreo.
\"Very crazy, but their palette is very controlled.
My fingers crossed.
\"The desk lamp follows the same law as anything else in interior design ---
Size, style and color.
The decorated Bible and TV remodel host will tell you that the high lights are 27 inch or more and can be used on the low end table next to the sofa or chair. Medium-
The size of the 20 to 27 inch light is the occasional accessory for the sideboard and sideboard.
Small lights live in the bedroom, just like reading lights by the bed.
David Easton, New York architect and designer, said: \"They are part of a room as a whole or as a sculpture . \".
You have a table. -
What do you do with it?
The lamp is part of the imitation. \'\' Mr.
Easton used terra-cotta Grecian-
Vaslike lamp as classic reference and color spark in traditional mute
The gray room, he said.
But there are also some violations of the table lamp, which makes them look attractive, albeit tricky.
New York designer Mariette Himes Gomez pointed out that a lamp \"should fit the style of the room in size and aesthetics,\" but, she added, they can be a convenient balance, or provide effective counter-attacks on other things.
She said a simple light could illuminate the \"outrageous work of contemporary art\" above \"---
A table.
Straight man.
As an overall strategy
Gomez likes the lights in the four corners of the room, \"maybe one is placed on the console or writing desk, next to the sofa, or next to the chair next to the sofa, often use them in pairs on tables and tables or on both sides of the sofa.
She also likes what she calls \"the only\"object lamp --
As the ultimate accessory of color, shape or material in the room.
A decorative statement that is not even lit. Mr.
Levy, who works on another project, panted, including a pair of \"mythical bronze dragons\" as if the mythical beast were now sharing the house with his clients. (
I confirmed it was the light. )
\"Who knows if they will be opened?
He likes to play typing games when introducing the lights to the room.
He explained that the advertisement \"gorgeous Venetian on an international style table, or a cleaning light for a gorgeous room \".
It contains our amazing.
You can escape in a lamp that is not marked, not on the mark.
You can enjoy yourself here and try it boldly.
\"Lights are actually decorative elements of\" local \": The Asian lights on the table do not mean that the room must be Chinese red.
Thomas O\'Brien, president and chief designer of New York Airlines\' studio, uses a desk lamp as lighting anywhere in his home, often giving up overhead lights.
\"I used them on the counter in the kitchen, even on the dresser in the bathroom,\" he said . \"
\"They are the lights I want to turn on at night, not just the lights in the living room.
Especially in winter, when the room is dark, why does it always look so magical at night?
Because of the table lights. \'\'Mr.
O\'Brien is a person who pursues his heart.
He collects lamps.
\"I have collected a lot of old-fashioned modern lighting equipment and machines --
Age things, he said.
He suggested using lamps as an opportunity to collect manageable scale designs.
It\'s like collecting watches.
They are smaller accent pieces that don\'t have to be on all the time.
Table lighting is a good example of modernist design-
People are always looking for lights.
He raised an important question.
As a collection of things, lamps are often underestimated in categories such as ceramics and glass.
For example, the Poole pottery lamp in the UK, although it is a product of the same period or manufacturing process, may be cheaper than a bowl or vase.
The most important collection on the 20 th
Century table accessories companies such as Wedgwood, Vinny or China-
American names like Russell Wright produce a series of lamps.
\"Vases sell better ---as a gift;
\"You can plug the tulips in,\" Jeffrey Harris said of the price gap . \". Mr.
Harris is an expert in lighting in London and has a store in Battersea (www. geoffreyharris. co. uk)
Store new and old-fashioned lights, usually with a pottery base.
He said he used to be an antique dealer, but later withdrew from the industry because there were some very strange people in it. \'\' Mr.
Harris has been working on lighting since the age of 17 and sold contemporary Italian designs at the London habitat center in the 1960s.
\"A lamp with Shadows has some comfort, which is different from a zingy Italian lamp with a metal cap,\" he said . \".
You see what people actually live in, and it\'s usually like what their grandmother has, even though some things are terrible.
\"Advertising anything can be turned into a lamp by a dress like the Laks lamp installation company at 1059 Second Avenue, New York (56th Street; 212-688-4161).
\"Nothing can be a lamp,\" stressed Milton Lex . \". Mr.
Laks worked with his wife Esther for 45 years, made lights with horse boots, military helmets, a piece discarded after the White House was renovated, and his granddaughter\'s plaster arm.
\"She broke two arms, so we have two lights . \"Laks said.
A bottle of champagne.
You are a socket, wire and plug away from the decorative abyss.
You are also the future of thrift stores and flea markets, and before their time they were the place where the Ocean dumped items. So go for it.
Put the switch on the wire instead of the socket-
It is more convenient to operate.
Experts say the hardest decision about a desk lamp is the shadow.
This is where you and your light shine as an arbitrator of taste, good or bad.
There is no formula for height and width, shape and the rest.
\"Unfortunately, everything is right in front of us,\" said Stephen Lacor, vice president of Spring Street 21 shadows (
On Elizabeth Street. 212-966-2757)
Choose a lampshade.
The bottom of the shadow should be low enough to cover the socket at least, the most common mistake for the customer is to choose a shadow that is too big, Sir
Rakower explained.
On top of that, all bets are gone. Mr.
Rakower, which sells more than 30 shades a day, has been in business for 15 years.
His mother began contact in 1966.
His wife Connie is the president and she reminds him of this when he speaks on the phone. Mr.
Rakower says the best insurance against failure is to bring a light in and look at it in a variety of shades. Mr.
Rakower\'s suggestion is to try a square shade on a square base, or a round shadow on a circular base, but one may stubbornly, blindly innovate, and he has witnessed a lot of such-more than most.
He described it as \"the shadow of what we sometimes think is wrong \".
But the last time it\'s good for you is when do you really want it?
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Actors and straight men.
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