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Types of Philippine Handicraft Industry

by:Grade     2020-04-20
There are many handicrafts in the Philippines.
They produce their products with different handmade materials and sell them to local and foreign markets.
The income generated by these businesses increases the quality of life of owners and their workers, their respective families, and also makes valuable contributions to our economic growth.
The main products of our handicraft industry are as follows: rattan crafts. Rattan crafts is the art of making rattan products.
Rattan is a palm plant. it is a unique plant in tropical areas such as Asia, Australia and Africa.
Rattan, yantok in Philippine terminology, is a slender climbing plant whose sheath is protected by its thorns, these Thorns play an important role in supporting rattan growth in other plants in the forest.
Products manufactured using this material are popular because of their flexibility and durability.
Some examples of rattan crafts are baskets, hats, walls. ©Cor, ashtrays, photo frames, sofas, TV stands, cabinets and other household items and furniture.
Bamboo crafts this is the art of making useful products with bamboo.
Use bamboo when building bahay kubo (nipa hut)
Household items such as furniture, hangers, pallets, partitions, lampshades, and many different kinds of household items.
The art of making items in leather.
Specimen making, or the art of making, filling and installing animal skin, also takes advantage of the animal\'s skin, but usually uses a part of the head and back.
Leather and skins are also used in the manufacture of glue and gelatin.
Some examples of leather products are bags, shoes, jackets, coin wallets, gloves, belts, wallets, etc.
The art of making items with coconut shells.
After the cocoa meat is scraped off the shell, it is cleaned and cut into various shapes for making items such as buttons, brooch, desk lamp, oil ruler, belt buckle, etc.
Another product of the coconut shell process is the Coco necklace.
It is made from a cut and polished coconut shell to form a coconut shell assembly.
The design used is ethnic and has special colors and shapes.
The coconut shell assembly is combined with wood, shells and many other natural materials to create a stylish necklace.
The Coco necklace combines a shell pendant, a coco Pendant, and a wooden pendant.
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