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u.s. scientists reinvent the light bulb

by:Grade     2020-01-06
This is probably the smartest idea since Edison\'s light bulb.
A new type of polymer light source that is about to be put into production can completely change the way we illuminate our offices and homes.
FIPEL is called (field-
Light-emitting polymer)
, The device is healthy, flashing-
One of its main creators says free white light is only a fraction of the energy cost of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.
David Carroll, director of the Center for Nanotechnology and molecular materials at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, said: \"It\'s also not buzzing like those fluorescent bulbs in the office . \".
Carol said his equipment.
It\'s basically a thin plastic foil.
Will start big
Large-scale building tests will be conducted next year and will be open to consumers in 2014.
Organic Electronics published a paper on Monday describing the technology.
The device works like a microwave, he explains, but it produces light instead of heat.
The secret lies in the polymer composition --
Patent mixture of Nano
Materials embedded in a unique plastic matrix.
When the current is attached to the polymer foil, it stimulates the \"secret sauce\", just as the microwave stimulates the molecules in the chicken breast to make it cook.
\"The thing we \'ve always been smart about is figuring out how to make the process not lose energy because of the heat,\" Carol said . \". “We convert . . . it to light.
\"For office lighting overhead, a rectangular polymer foil can be installed in a standard fluorescent light fixture,\" said Carol.
At home, soft materials can form the shape of a typical incandescent lamp and screw into existing fixtures and ceiling fixtures.
The energy of the bulbs and panels is much larger.
More efficient than existing lighting solutions.
\"In Canada and the United States, 25 to 30 of the energy generated in our country goes into lighting buildings,\" Carol said . \".
\"A typical building will save 20 to 40 lighting costs.
\"The FIPEL foil also produces more attractive light than a fluorescent office light fixture or its LED replacement.
\"It\'s a little closer to the Sun, which is important because sitting under the fluorescent lamp all day, sometimes you get a little dizzy;
\"You don\'t feel very good,\" Carol said . \".
\"This is because the blue component in the light is too big and your eyes don\'t like it.
\"In casting a spectrum closer to sunlight, polymer lights create the brightness that humans like to evolve,\" said Carol.
Blue light will also hum, he said, another reason for subconscious troubles.
\"They have mercury in them,\" Carol said . \".
\"There is not much mercury content per bulb. . .
But imagine throwing hundreds of them.
This is a problem.
There are pollutants there.
Carol says a similar flat foil device
Called oled (
Organic LEDs—
Mass production has proved too tricky to be widely used.
FIPEL technology can easily be manufactured at the cost of competing with current bulbs, he said.
\"I want to price the curly hair (fluorescent)
\"The light bulb does not exist,\" he said . \".
The lamp can shine in any color and is useful for the logo.
They are also lasting.
Carol has been in business for 10 years.
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