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ugh! mother\'s horror as thousands of wasps swarm family\'s living room after nest fell through ceiling while toddler played

by:Grade     2020-03-19
A mother told her that after a nest broke in the ceiling, her living room was swallowed up by the Hornets, and when her toddler was playing with toys, she fell.
Emma thick broom, 22, and her two children are in the living room. year-
The old son Cody heard a ticking sound, followed by a sudden crack.
Before she could react, a group of Wasps fell off the ceiling and landed on the floor of the living room.
Scroll down to view video omiss Thickbroom, a complete
Time mother said the first thing she noticed was the \"ticking sound\" that was uploaded from the ceiling last weekend \".
She said: \"I was sitting in the living room with him, and the sound was getting louder, and then there was a huge crack and they all flew out.
This is terrible.
There are thousands of wasps.
\"They could have hurt him badly if Cody started to sting, so I held him in my arms, ran out of the room and locked the door.
Outside once, 22-year-old full-
When the Hornets flew around in her room, covering the windowsill, toys, and windows, the time mother managed to take pictures of them.
Miss Thickbroom called Wolverhampton City Council and called pest control officials to the city\'s apartment on Wednesday.
They fumigated the property before removing a shopping bag full of dead worms and will return to clear the nest on Thursday. .
She said she had no signs of insects until the nest broke, except for the occasional tick, and she was worried that it was leaking.
Miss Thickbroom now lives with her son and her parents until the apartment, managed by the Wolverhampton family, is cleaned up.
Council housing director Mark Henderson said: \"I\'m not sure we \'ve seen so many wasps before.
\"We do not provide pest control services --
This is usually the responsibility of the tenant.
But in this case, we see a lot of Wasps and we are happy to step in and help.
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