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vintage living room design and accessories

by:Grade     2020-05-31
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The retro living room heralds the era of the living room, study room and formal living room.
You can update this style and create a classic feel at home.
It has a complex atmosphere, but you can update it and have it serve the family.
A vintage desk lamp should have a delicate lampshade;
Even if you\'re just looking for a replica
For a standing light, a tone made entirely of beads or crystals can be found to create an elegant atmosphere, or the feeling of a retro office, study or library.
You can also go to the room with the appearance of stained glass, bringing color, pattern and traditional feeling to the room.
The retro living room gives people a formal feeling.
Look for a sofa with cushions.
These sofas are rarely comfortable, so look for a more formal new sofa with carved wood details on it, or a curved back that is still comfortable.
Paired with a traditional wing back chair or living room armchair.
There can be floral or damask patterns on the chair to increase the interest in the room.
If you have solid furniture, then try adding wallpaper to the wall to reach this form.
You can stick to a wall if you are afraid of wallpaper.
Wallpaper can still be contemporary, and even if it\'s a basic black and white pattern, you can find a paper with a bolder pattern.
The larger pattern looks modern and the wallpaper is cool.
Another option for the sofa is to bring the color to the sofa, just like using lavender or eggplant velvet, to keep the walls in a more modern, bright white or gray color.
Leather sofas are not really used in retro design.
However, look for tufted sofas in dark green, blue or Burgundy.
Skip the more modern black sofa with straight lines.
For a modern look, don\'t clutter up smaller items to tell stories together.
Instead of spreading the clocks throughout the room, put them all on the cloak.
Hang a few smaller pictures in different frames.
You can tie a ribbon on the top so that it looks like the picture is hanging on the ribbon with feminine temperament.
Turn your favorite photos into black and white or dark brown so they match your overall design style.
You can often find vintage accessories at garage sales and thrift stores for a few dollars, but you may have laid some antique accessories around the house, waiting for a statement.
A few retro mirrors hung on the wall.
Just make sure all the frames match like silver antiques and look complicated.
You can also draw a black or white frame for a modern style of vintage style.
You can also give life to the old clock by hanging a few on the wall.
Just make sure they don\'t have a battery or the ticking will drive you crazy.
Also set the clock to fun time so your guests don\'t mistake it for actual time and are always late.
Another option for the formal retro living room is to hang a pile of silver plates on the wall.
No fireplace and Oriental carpet, no retro living room is complete.
If you don\'t have a fireplace, bring an electric fireplace and a fireplace and hang a mirror on it.
If you don\'t like Oriental carpets, find a patterned one or a softer version of a traditional classic one.
Nowadays, most of the time, the decoration of TV is concentrated on TV.
Back in the retro era, the focus is on books.
Find an old card catalog or replica where dvd and cd can be stored.
You can take off the dust jacket from the book and make them look older and more elegant.
You can even have your child take back all the books with white paper to build a more modern room that still uses vintage items.
You can Group flower arrangement or shell collection on the bookshelf.
Hang vintage artwork on empty shelves for a layered look.
If you are worried that your vintage room is too dark, especially for a small space, break the paint.
In order to increase the interest of the building in the room, you can make exquisite shapes.
If you have high ceilings, show them by installing a complex ceiling medal.
If you have embedded lighting, you can even put one of them up.
Put it in the middle of the ceiling and it looks like a carving though you\'ll want a medal with no small holes so it doesn\'t look like you missed the chandelier.
You can create the tray ceiling effect by putting a few rectangles in the other one.
Put them in the same color.
For a truly retro look, use a hexagon and a wider look.
You can make beautiful crown shapes.
Draw a white stripe or a pale wallpaper border near the top of the ceiling.
Put the small model on both sides so that after you put it in the same color it looks like a piece of wide.
This had a great impact in the room but saved a lot of money.
If you can\'t afford expensive decorative wood, try painting your furniture.
You can paint the coffee table or chair with ivory or butter yellow paint.
Brown glaze gives a feeling of antique.
The glaze will also really show any exquisite carving.
If you are afraid of a dark Victorian style, just stick to the neutral color.
You will need to use gorgeous fabrics such as velvet, silk and pillows, as well as a large number of tassel and bead stripes.
Decorated a room in a tan with gold cloth.
For rooms that don\'t feel sultry, you can make your own modern color palette.
The retro living room has a formal atmosphere that is both traditional and livable.
This room can transition from elegance to leisure according to your lifestyle.
Most importantly, you may already have most of the items in this design style and all you need to do is rearrange things.
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