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wal-mart settles suit over halogen lamp fire

by:Grade     2020-07-30
$11 in San Diego-
Million settlement with Wal-MartWal-Mart Stores Ltd.
An importer in Arkansas left a 4-because of a fire apparently caused by a halogen lamp explosion-year-
Old girl badly burnedWal-
Matt and Cheyenne industries for the sale of lamps
Little Stone City, which imported small stone city from China, denied in court documents that product defects caused a fire.
The settlement was reached on Friday and was disclosed by family lawyers to The Times on Monday, excluding the recognition of responsibility.
The settlement agreement is one of the largest individual plaintiffs in the history of the productdefect case;
Larger awards are usually only available through classes. action suits.
This case can serve as a benchmark for several other individuals.
Product liability experts say injury lawsuits involving halogen lamps.
In 1997, the manufacturer, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Committee, recalled 40 million halogen lamps for repair. The 6-foot-tall, free-
Lights standing in their bowls
Shaped lamps mounted on the top, burn at a hotter temperature than ordinary bulbs, and ignite if they come into contact with curtains, clothes or other flammable materials.
Since 1992, the lights have killed at least 11 people and caused 189 fires nationwide.
\"It is clear that they are willing to pay to address this issue,\" said Alan Karnan, who teaches the law of product liability at Southwest University Law School.
\"It may not set a legal precedent, but it is likely to set a practical precedent.
\"Halogen lamps made since February 1997 should have a glass or wire shield to help prevent material from touching the bulb.
Some newer lights have a gadget that turns off the power of the bulb if the temperature is too high.
However, the lights involved in the San Diego fire were manufactured before these changes took effect.
The glass shards of the explosion bulb lit the bedroom, 4-year-
The 1998 lawsuit filed by the San Diego High Court claimed that old Jasmin Boykin was lying in bed and sleeping.
Plaintiff\'s lawyer, Duncan Cole, said the fire caused the young man to burn more than half of her arms, legs and hands.
\"She needs a lot of plastic surgery,\" Cole said . \"
He said the settlement would pay for the release of scar tissue that prevented her hands from working properly.
Lisa Sikorski, Bojin\'s mother, was slightly burned.
Their home was badly damaged.
\"We have a very tragic case where I think they made a business decision to limit exposure,\" Coler said . \". Wal-
Wal-Mart executives declined to comment on Monday.
Xia Yan\'s lawyer did not call back.
Consumer Product Safety Board officials say halogen lamps should be treated with care regardless of age, away from flammable fabrics.
Consumers should use 300 W or less bulbs and never turn on the lights when they leave the room.
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