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west end icon stars in this year\'s heritage house tour

by:Grade     2020-01-05
Built in 1910, Hirschfeld House is a classic example of arts and crafts.
You should have a look at the garden.
In 1968, Charles Dale had the \"landlord in Hell \".
\"He used to call me at six in the morning: \'This is the rent day, \'\" Dell recalled \'. \".
\"I said, \'I don\'t need this.
He saw a small advertisement for a house in the newspaper and called the real estate agent.
\"She said, \'I can take you tomorrow,\' because it\'s about 9 in the evening,\" he said . \".
\"I said, \'No, no, we\'re going to see it tonight.
So she came down with her husband and we came in and I said, okay, let\'s get it.
She said, \"Don\'t you want to look at the rest of the house ? \"
\"He didn\'t need to do that because he was lucky in a big house in Vancouver\'s West End, Hershfeld\'s house.
Generations of Westerners have gone through the art of handsome --and-
Marvel at its architecture and wonderful gardens, crafts and homes.
On a sunny Monday, standing outside for a few minutes, there must be 10 people stopping to check the garden and the house.
\"It\'s a big responsibility because they remember what you did (With Garden)
\"Last year,\" Dell said.
\"They say, \'I prefer this way,\' or \'How can this not happen?
I will say that they have blossomed in July. ’ ‘Oh.
If you think the garden in front is cool, you should see that one in the backyard.
You will have a chance this Sunday as Hirschfeld House is one of the 10 houses on the Vancouver Heritage Foundation annual heritage tour. (
Tickets for $40 are available on the foundation\'s website. )
Living room at Hirschfeld House.
Richard lam/png walks into the house and you understand why Dyer will immediately quote for the full price of $36,000. (
According to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, the $263,225 in 2019 was $. )
Home of classic art-and-
Craft, beautiful lead bank-
Glass windows, huge rock fireplace, various buildings
In the shelves and cabinets, there are grid ceilings. The nine-
The foot ceiling is high enough to accommodate a large collection of antiques from Dell\'s collection that are not artand-
Crafts, but kind of mind-boggling.
\"That one was in 1855,\" he said, noting that a carefully crafted sideboard was made in artificial furniture.
Known as Chinese style.
\"At the Crystal Palace exhibition (in London)
An example of British craftsmanship is presented.
I have a Georgian film (Restaurant)
It\'s about 1780.
It looks like it was disembarked from China and made in the UK.
\"This 2,700-square-foot house was built in 1910, when the West End was the home of Vancouver\'s elite.
The fee is $4,975, less than $2 per square foot. (
In contrast, it is reported that the price of two penthouse apartments in the West Bank butterfly tower is $7,840 per square meter. ft. ).
The house was built for Alfred Cyril Hirschfeld, advertising manager for the Vancouver world.
According to a wonderful report by Robert Moen on the westendv ancouver blog, Hirschfield was born in London and arrived in Canada on 1897.
Hirschfeld initially headed north to Dawson City and Klondike for the gold rush before heading to B. Atlin. C.
He was the editor of The Atlin claims newspaper, ran a photo studio and owned some mining claims.
In 1902, he married Margaret Miller, daughter of Jonathan Miller, Vancouver\'s first postmaster.
Margaret is the sister of Helena Berry, who owns the Vancouver world.
That\'s probably why Hirschfeld found a job there.
In any case, he only lived in the house in the West End for two or three years, and then built a new home on the southwest Ocean Avenue.
The last owner before Dale was captain.
Barney Johnson, a famous sailor in his 1920 s and 30 s, became the commander of the Navy on Canada\'s west coast when Canada and Japan fought in December 1941.
\"When the Japanese enter (
World War IIthere were no (naval)
Ships on the West Coast, \"said Dale. “(So)
He picked out all the boats he wanted from the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.
That was the beginning of the West Coast Navy.
The restaurant at Hirschfeld House comes with a built-inin cabinet.
Richard lam/PNGWhen Dyer bought the house from Johnson\'s Manor and the house needed some TLC but none of the wood was painted and the house was more or less intact.
He redecorated the wood products and installed some discreet ceiling lights that were needed because the house was dark.
Initially the house had six bedrooms but he changed one to a study/TV room and the other to a breakfast room.
He then installed artwork almost everywhere, including portraits of some of his ancestors and several color photos --glass windows.
The most eye-catching stain
There are glass windows in the garage.
The arched window is about 12-
Very high feet, very delicate.
\"We built the garage around them,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"There are about 1770 of these windows, which came from a church in the United States. ”The stained-
The glass garage is the focal point of an amazing backyard that includes a small conservatory/patio made of French doors, very cute
The iron fence that used to sit on the wall of B. C.
A prison in New Westminster and a magnificent fountain, water poured out of the fish\'s mouth.
The garage of Hirschfeld House is built around the stained
Glass windows salvaged from the American Church
The backyard is full of colorful plants, but he doesn\'t know how many.
\"There were no plants here a few days ago --
I just planted it (them),” he said.
\"You can\'t really plant until May 15.
As the tour of heritage approaches, 82-year-
The old man worked for a long time in order to get everything ready.
\"There are a lot of lights in the yard, so it\'s like the day,\" he said . \".
\"But at 10: 30, 11 (at night)
You think, \'I have to go in because they\'re going to take me away.
\"Thank God they didn\'t because he created a great secret space in Vancouver.
You can purchase tickets for a Sunday Heritage Tour at the Royal verheritagefunding. org/attend-an-event/house-tours/heritage-house-
Tour/jmackie @ postmedia.
The living room is the Hershfield Sun House.
Construction of richard lam/PNGThe-
In the cupboard of Hirschfeld House restaurant.
Richard lam/PNGThe backyard fountain at Hirschfeld House.
Richard lam/pnghomecharles Charles Dyer poses in the living room of Hirschfeld House, who has lived for more than halfa-century. Built-
In the cupboard on the arch leading from the living room to the Hirschfeld House restaurant.
Hirschfeld House restaurant features a checkered ceiling and beautiful leadglass windows.
Some plants and sculptures in the backyard of Hirschfeld House.
Richard lam/PNGCapt.
Barney Johnson\'s Obituary on October
Vancouver Sun 1968About the captain.
Barney Johnson died in October.
Vancouver Sun 1968
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