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What port of loading available for custom table lamps ?
At Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd., our factory and warehouse are strategically located. We have taken the convenience of transportation into consideration. If we are responsible for the shipment of your goods, in general, we will despatch the goods from the port that is closest to our factory or warehouse. But if you have any special requirements, contact us, we can transport the shipment to any designated port or location. No matter which port the shipment is dispatched, we ensure smooth customs clearance, efficient and safe transportation.

Grade Lighting is a manufacturer of hanging light fixtures. The experience and expertise make us uniquely positioned in this industry. The table lamp series is widely praised by customers. All products from ceiling lamp are independently designed and manufactured by Grade Lighting. This well-designed product can deliver light efficiently to the desired location without the use of an external reflector. Whether people are planning to renovate a room or just looking to build a new house, it is always regarded as the first choice compared to the metal doors. This product is not likely to radiate heat in the direction of the illuminated object.

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