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Where can I follow my lighting floor lamps order status?
At Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd., we use an accurate planning tool that enables various orders to be easily managed. Using this method, we are able to follow the status of your order in real-time throughout the entire production process. If you want to check the order status, simply contact us by email. Here, as soon as you start working with, you will have an account manager to serve you all the way. If you have a question, whatever it is, do not hesitate to contact the account manager. He or she has the necessary know-how to give you professional guidance. We offer comprehensive services so that you can embark on your project without any worries.

Grade Lighting has been providing bedside table lamps for years. We are acknowledged for our outstanding products and customer service. The custom floor lamps series is widely praised by customers. It is rigorously tested to ensure high durability as per quality standards. The product can operate in extremely cold or hot temperature. This product is not too pricey—especially compared to the price of the projector itself. Yet it makes sure the image is color corrected, adding a few hundred dollars to a home theater project. It has passed the photoelectric test with guaranteed illumination and safety performance.

Grade concentrates on supplying high quality service for clients. Welcome to visit our factory!
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