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where to repair: washington’s best-loved repair shops

by:Grade     2020-06-12
If a leg falls from a restaurant chair, a puppy bites a hole in the carpet, the sewing machine is blocked, or the grandfather\'s clock is still, someone in the Washington area can help.
Although many of the things at home today seem to be one-off, there are still many new and old items worth fixing properly.
We have assembled a group of interior designers, antique dealers, auctioneers, appraisers and other experts to find out who they trust in their most important repair and repair work.
Many of these recommended companies are neighbors or family companies that have been working for generations.
Jodi Macklin, interior designer for Chevy Chase, said: \"You have to find maintenance personnel who have extensive experience and work with many different types of objects . \".
\"You must have a certain degree of trust in them.
\"When a shop calls Grandpa Zhong, you know it\'s serious about work.
Edward Compton, the owner of Ecker\'s watch shop, has been operating for about 33 years.
Antique dealers and auctioneers often recommend his studio.
Compton, who grew up in a family of clocks-
And the watchmaker, giving a free estimate, his charge is determined based on a caseby-case basis.
\"When someone gives me an item to repair,\" he said, \"I can let them know how long it will take to repair and what will be involved.
\"Ecker\'s Clock & Watch Shop, 8010 Norfolk Avenue. , Bethesda. 301-652-0549. www. eckersclocks. com.
Georgetown renovation and antique restoration has been in business since the 1950 s to repair and repair antiques and other household items.
In 2007, the business was acquired by Bill and Debbie Sean Power, who run Sean Power Furniture Services in St. Sean Power
Mary county, their fourth.
Business recovery.
Bill Sean Bauer said that both companies offer free estimates and usually give a range of prices for the required work simply by looking at the owner\'s photos.
The two companies do business every day in the Washington area.
Having someone come to your house to pick up a water ring from the table is expected to cost about $150 to $200, he said.
It will cost more than $75 to buy a basic wooden dining chair in their store.
Designer Jodi Macklin says she has a lot of trust in the company, whether it\'s polishing the table or changing the legs on the chair.
Georgetown patch and antique repair, 30507 Potomac Road, Charlotte Hall, Maryland202 333-3311. www.
George Town decorationcom.
When Georgetown designer Susan Beimler finds the perfect antique chandelier for the customer, it usually needs to replace the parts, fix the wiring or customize the lengthmade chain.
She took the chandelier to the craftsman\'s lamp in Cleveland Park.
The business has been repairing and restoring table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and other lighting equipment for 35 years.
One of the owners, John temourian, said the Washington people brought a lot of old European lights they bought at auction or in real estate sales.
The good news is that Artisan will also receive a simple repair like a new socket, with a minimum charge of $15.
When you wait, you can usually do some minor repairs.
\"We are like an old man.
\"Old-fashioned neighborhood shops,\" says temourian . \".
\"No matter what people need, we will try our best to help them.
Artisan lights at 3331 connadik Street. NW. 202-244-8900. www. artisanlamp. com.
The Virginia people have been bringing their heir silver tea sets and silver stripe trays to Lawrence Miller. since 1968.
Designer Victoria Sanchez is no different from her family.
\"My mom took some of her old parts here to renovate and fixed things like broken handles,\" Sanchez said . \".
\"They seem to be able to solve everything.
The company also operates family antiques and flea markets.
According to manager Tim Shahin, the cost of repairing the damaged fork in the garbage disposal is about $35.
Medium with scratches
The size of the silver tray can be polished for about $100.
Lawrence Miller, 121 S. Royal St. Alexandria. 703-548-0659. www. Lawrence Millercom.
Local collectors always ask Doug Meyers where to restore their broughshire Brasilia cabinets or Knoll chairs.
Meyers himself is constantly looking for knowledgeable experts.
He sells mid in Denmark and the United States-
He runs century-old modern furniture in the modern Mobler store near Tacoma, Washington.
Therefore, Meyers has now added furniture restoration to his business;
He also stored spare parts for mid.
Century furniture.
\"Our goal is to fix as many pieces as we can without affecting patina,\" Meyers said . \".
\"This is a juggling game.
Should I leave it alone?
Is it worth more money if I don\'t restore it?
But at the end of the day, it\'s a piece of furniture for the customer and it has to work for them.
It is estimated to be free.
The renovation starts at $65 an hour.
For a period of time, replace the price of the sliding seat on the 1960 Danish modern dining chair-
Start the proper textured vinyl for $75.
Modern Mobler, 7313 Georgia Avenue. NW. 571-594-2201. www. modernmobler. com.
The auction house has seen many old paintings that have accumulated a lot of household dirt and cigarette smoke for many years.
When Elizabeth Weinstein, the boss of Alexander Potomac
The auction company was asked to provide the name of a talented art repairer, who is the same as andryanski.
Weinstein used Pinkowski in his own painting, and she said it was surprising to see the original color of a piece appear after cleaning.
Pinkowski studied restoration in his native Poland and has been in business for 44 years;
His son Lukasz works with him.
If a painting is seriously damaged, it may be a complicated process to fix it.
Pinkowskis will also fix the holes on the canvas or fix the damaged frame.
They charge $50 per hour for labor and provide estimates free of charge by appointment.
Located at the art restoration and protection studio of Andze Pinkowski, 3109 Alexander Bud Road. 703-329-9355. www. aparcsinc.
Alexander designer Victoria Sanchez has been using the cleaning and repair services of the J & J Oriental carpet gallery for years.
\"When you walk in there with a carpet, they will focus on you with all their heart and solve your problems,\" Sanchez said . \".
\"They really know what they\'re doing and they really care.
\"The company, founded in 1978, has experts in weaving and repairing problems such as tears, missing stripes, moth holes, pet damage and worn piles.
According to manager Nathalie Nabatkhorian, the basic cleaning fee for the carpet brought into the store is $2 per square foot (an 8-by-
$10 feet for 160 carpets).
If you ask the company to pick up the carpet, $3 per square foot ($8-$240by-10)
But this includes moving your furniture up and down the carpet.
It\'s estimated to be free.
1200 King Street J & J Oriental carpet gallery, Alexandria. 703-548-0000. www. jjrug. com.
The owner of G Street fabric knows the sewing machine: their family has been selling fabrics since 1942.
Michael Greenzaid when the customer needs to repair the machine
The owners of Rockville, Centreville and Falls Church shops have the answer.
If the machine is Bernina, the fabric of G Street can serve it;
Cleaning and check out Benina takes about $120.
If the customer has a singer, Kenmore or any other brand, Greenzaid will send him or her to one of the four regional brothers of Sew & Vacs.
Mike Morris, vice president of family companies, founded in 1956, said Brother companies can repair almost all brands.
The store repaired the sewing machine of first lady Rosalyn Carter in the 1970 s (
She has a Pfaff machine)
IT service machine with local theater clothing store.
The machine is admitted to the \"sewing machine hospital\" for evaluation;
Cleaning and adjustment takes about $99 to $159.
It\'s estimated to be free.
The brothers also repaired the vacuum cleaner.
Brothers Sew & Vac, Rockville, Silver Springs, Washington and Bethesda. www. brothersewvac. com.
Julia Brennan restored the treasures of connecting generations: quilts, bedspreads, christening gowns, and flags.
She is in charge of the textile team.
Former Textile Care Service)
It is possible to carefully clean and repair embroidered pillows or silk kimono, which can be done by both individuals and museums.
\"Julia has an academic background and is meticulous,\" said Stephanie Kenyon, owner and president of Sloans & Kenyon Auctioneers and Appraisers at Chevrolet chase.
\"We recommend many christening clothes and old samples for her.
Brennan has restored George Washington\'s silk waistcoat and James Brown\'s 1970 black wool \"sex\" jumpsuit, which has been in environmental protection for more than 25 years.
She got a lot of work from the residents who cleaned the house and found the treasures they wanted to keep and pass on.
She charges $75 an hour plus materials.
Free estimate and evaluation by appointment.
Care about textiles. 202 362-1941. www.
Used in textiles. com.
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