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will esl light bulbs beat leds?

by:Grade     2020-01-20
Matt HickmanDo wrote that we really need another energy.
The efficient bulb replaces the brilliant but completely inefficient incandescent lamp because it is slow but certain (
They will be completely eliminated in the United States. S. by 2014)
Join the Walkman and the Betamax player to become the technology of \"yesterday? ufeffNew York City-
Basedvu1 corporation wants consumers to believe that after years of production, the company\'s sr30 electrons stimulate luminous energy-
High efficiency reflective bulb-
Or short ESL bulbs-
UL\'s final approval has been obtained and will be open to consumers in early 2011.
If everything goes as planned, the ESL will prove to be the two non-existing-entirely-
Perfect replacement for incandescent lamps: thefl and theLED.
After reading a press release from Vu1 to me, there seems to be a lot to enjoy with ESL bulbs: Unlike fls, ESL bulbs do not contain mercury, so no monsters
When you accidentally break one, it is necessary to go out.
They don\'t need special recycling either.
The price of the Pop bulb is $20 per bulb, which is cheaper than most LEDs.
Their sports have a long life span of 10,000 hours.
This is shorter than the life of the led, about a quarter, but they are still 70% more efficient than incandescent lamps.
It is cheaper to produce ESL bulbs (
They were made in a factory in the Czech Republic)
More important than CFLs and led
Most importantly, the light produced by the ESL bulb is very close to the light produced by the incandescent lamps we know and love.
In addition, ESL bulbs are dimmable, unlike led and CFLs.
It should be noted that the R30 ESL bulb will directly replace the incandescent lamp 65 w flood light bulb bubble found in the embedded ceiling fan, rather than the typical American \"\"(standard, pear-shaped ones)
Incandescent lamp.
However, Vu1 plans to release ESLA-
Type lights for 2011 and 2012.
So how does this new electronic excitation technology work? Nifty.
I\'m curious how consumers react to ESL bulbs when they\'re on the shelves.
I think you will try one. Or two or three)
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Matt Hickman blogs for the Mother Nature Network.
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