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Wireless electricity - a world without cables

by:Grade     2020-04-20
For a century, the modern world has fallen into a growing network of copper cables.
They have become arteries that drive the Earth, but, from the messy wires on our tables to the miles of wires hidden on our walls, tying our gadgets to the grid is also an expensive hassle.
With the launch of a new generation of wireless chargers, scientists who have been dreaming of better ways for decades believe that we are about to get into trouble --
The free future of our equipment
And electricity itself.
Finally released.
The technology behind the following scenario already exists: You drive the electric car home, the electric car has been charged on the road outside of work, then parked it in the garage, it is also equipped with underground power supply.
You sit down and light the apartment-
When you check your email on a cable TV, there is a wireless TV hanging on the screen-free laptop.
Both devices are powered by a wireless device on the ceiling, and once you walk into the door, it also starts juicing the phone in your pocket.
The PowerPad, manufactured by British gadget company Gear4, will be available next month as part of a new wave that has swept us towards this unplugged utopia.
The protective case on the IPhone slides into its connector socket.
When the sealed phone is on the power supply
For example, on a mat attached to a table or bedside table, electricity can jump.
WildCharge of US apparel PowerMat makes similar devices.
At the same time, the Palm Pre smartphone has its own \"touchstone\" charger, and Dell\'s Latitude Z is the first wireless laptop.
\"Wireless power is almost a joke we talked about many years ago when we were predicting the future,\" said Michael Brooke, editor of T3 gadget magazine . \".
\"It sounds crazy for a lot of people that you can even do this --
Like some kind of witchcraft.
But we are interested in the first wireless charger.
It will take off to a large extent.
\"How does it work if it\'s not witchcraft?
The science is this: the current from the power supply is connected to the transmitter coil in the charging pad.
This creates a magnetic field.
The receiver coil in the phone\'s housing takes power from the magnetic field and converts it back to the Power charged by the device.
By separating these coils, 150 is required for inductive chargingyear-
The old principle used in transformers found in most electrical equipment and divide it into two halves.
No longer trips due to laptop leads and power bricks, and no diving under the desk to plug in the charger-
Just put your gadget on the mat and sensing will handle the rest.
But wireless sensing, not too-
Complex forms have been charging electric toothbrush chargers and some medical implants for years, which is not perfect.
Progress means that it is now feasible for higher-demanding devices, but for PowerPad it needs a case where adding is already the volume of a huge phone.
Another drawback is the lack of compatibility.
The phone with the PowerPad case does not charge on the PowerMat.
More and more electronics companies are hoping to solve this problem.
Wireless power alliance (WPC)
Including Gear4 and BlackBerry makers Nokia, Samsung and RIM.
\"These companies believe that there will be no mass market for wireless charging unless there is a standard,\" said Menno Treffers, chairman of the consortium steering group and director of Philips.
Learn from the hopeless non-compatibility of WPC Qi\'s supporters wired charger (\"chi\")
Standard will install a universal coil in a device that does not have a cumbersome housing.
Whether it\'s on your desk or on a Starbucks table, they can be compatible with any charging pad.
Treffers expects the first Qi-
Compatible devices to be available next year.
But there is still a major flaw in the charging pad
They need to be close.
Most mats are useless even at mm intervals.
Bring your laptop to your bedroom to watch the DVD and you need a second mat or cable.
For a real wireless scenario, there must be a huge leap in power.
Marin saljacic is a Croatian.
Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
When his wife\'s cell phone was running low in 2002, he was woken up by beeps and he was annoyed.
\"Not only do I have to wake up to plug in, I have to find the charger in the dark,\" he said . \".
Power is everywhere, I think.
Sockets are everywhere in the house.
But the distance is not close enough.
\"Soljacic is convinced that there must be a way to bridge this gap.
He wanted to charge his wife\'s phone while she was still in her handbag.
Two years ago, after months of equation calculation and computer modeling, Soljacic was pressing 60-watt lamp.
It\'s not a big deal, except that the electricity that powers the lights spreads two metres in the air.
Soljacic and his team at MIT set up a company called WiTricity.
In last July, Eric Giler, the company\'s chief executive, came to Oxford to display wireless television.
At a technical meeting, he powered a huge plasma TV without cables in front of a group of surprised viewers.
From the smooth unit on the floor to the receiver installed on the back of the screen, electricity is generated.
Giler went to Japan last month to show off a Wireless
Electric cars.
\"Every time I show people they are blown away,\" Giler said . \".
\"It really looks amazing when you see it up close.
\"The magic of Saul jacic has brought division --
The transformer model, which powers the charging pad and adds the key components to make the electricity fly.
This is the so-called resonance phenomenon, which means that a singer will break the glass if it matches the acoustic frequency of the glass.
Soljacic knows that two resonant objects with the same resonance frequency will exchange energy effectively
Imagine that the tuning fork causes a sympathetic sound from a tuning fork with the same frequency nearby.
His breakthrough was to find a way to transmit sound instead of electricity using resonance in the form of magnetic resonance.
He explained: \"By coupling the magnetic field around one resonant coil to another that resonates at the same frequency, we can make electricity jump from one coil to the other.
\"WiTricity\'s strong coupled magnetic resonance refers to the car, TV, free
Station lights and computers
Anything that needs electricity.
It can be powered or charged from a central power supply under the ceiling or floor.
Completely safe.
\"The magnetic field we produce is roughly the same as the Earth\'s,\" Giler said . \".
\"We live in a magnetic field.
Giler and his team are working with big-
Name the electronics manufacturer, including many manufacturers that have included the name in the charging pad Qi standard.
Close-up charging is \"number one,\" Giler said\"
A generation of things;
By the end of next year, you will begin to see devices with WiTricity components built in.
If he is right, the home and office will be completely wireless soon.
He said: \"This is a fundamental breakthrough in science and a game changer in the industry . \"
\"The world will change by cutting off the wires.
\"He\'s Electricity: The wireless pioneer radio appears to cut-
But more than 100 years ago, a man dreamed of a world without cables.
Nikola Tesla, an American physicist, believes that wireless energy is the only way to achieve power prosperity.
He can\'t imagine that in the future, we will frantically tie the earth together with copper and steel for miles.
In 1901, Tesla started construction of the terminal communication tower on Long Island, New York.
His plan is to transmit electricity across the continent like radio waves.
He wrote: \"It will be possible for a businessman in New York to dictate instructions and have them appear immediately in his London office. . .
An instrument no bigger than a watch allows its holder to hear sound anywhere. . . music or song [or]
Speech by political leaders. . .
Delivered elsewhere, no matter how far away.
\"But Tesla, whose name continues to exist at electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors, lost investors before he can prove his vision is more than just science fiction. J.
When John Jacob Astor sank with the Titanic, P Morgan was concerned that the radio could not be measured.
Tesla died in 1943, his tower was destroyed, poor and depressed. -
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