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wrong for hay showcases designer collection at stockholm furniture fair

by:Grade     2020-06-22
Hay\'s contemporary design concept presents its complete designer lighting collection at this week\'s Stockholm furniture show for the first time.
The collaboration between British designer Sebastian Wrong and Danish brand Hay brings together some of the industry\'s most famous lighting productsFashion designer
Highlights include \"Pion\" by Dutch studio Bertjan Pot, inspired by \"pawn pieces.
Its aluminum frame covers laminated composite paper with stitched edges, providing a soft dimmable glow.
Stefan Diez\'s \"rope trick\" floor lamp is also on display, and it has a diffuser made of acrylic film formed around a light-duty engine.
The support structure of industrial lamps made of cast iron, steel, aluminum and woven PET mesh covers has been selected as a permanent design series for New York MOMA.
The \"Cloche\" lamp designed by Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland is the latest work in the series.
HAY has been making waves since its debut at 2013 London Design Festival.
Swedish furniture fair throughout February 7.
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