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your apartment. whose problem?

by:Grade     2020-01-07
This is your second week in the new apartment and the lights in the bathroom are off.
Your neighbor decided to become a drummer the following week.
Then, some mice live in your stove.
Do you have to fight against them yourself?
Or can you call your landlord to save the day?
Renting your first apartment can be confusing.
What is your duty?
What is your landlord?
We spoke with a number of Boston real estate companies to find an agreement to lease etiquette in a variety of tricky situations that might arise: carbon monoxide/smoke detectors Massachusetts safety and hygiene regulations require the installation and testing of carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors when the apartment is turned over.
So when you move in, they will definitely be working.
But if one of your detectors starts to beep due to low battery power, DiMella says it may be your job to replace it.
\"There are no established agreements, but good management companies tend to have policies to replace these batteries,\" DiMella said . \".
Just look at your lease.
Mark Pardis, realtor at Bulfinch Boston, mentioned that if the battery of your detector starts to beep, you get frustrated and decide to tear it off the wall and if a fire occurs, it\'s up to you that your apartment is burned.
\"I asked someone to sign a document saying I gave them a valid smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector,\" Pardis said . \".
\"We tested it together.
In this way, if a few weeks later some college students pull it down from the wall, it\'s their fault.
\"Bulbs: Pardis says you shouldn\'t put all the new bulbs in when you move in.
Your landlord should do so before you arrive.
\"But once you\'re in the apartment and the light bulb burns out, it\'s not your landlord\'s responsibility,\" Pardis said . \".
All they need to do is hand over the apartment to you under \"working condition.
\"But DiMella says there is no standard for replacing bulbs.
\"Anything that would burn out as normal as a light bulb is replaced by a tenant,\" DiMella said . \".
\"In some cases, the landlord may help if the landlord or the management company knows that something is difficult to replace.
\"So basically, if your lights go out, you have to go buy new bulbs and put them in by yourself.
However, if your lamp is located on the ceiling of the cathedral, your landlord may lend a helping hand. Just ask.
Annoying neighbor: there are actually various reactions to this problem.
What DiMella calls \"a tricky problem.
\"If you are in an apartment building and all apartments are owned by a landlord, it may be his responsibility to deal with this noisy neighbor or to talk to two tenants to resolve the issue,\" DiMella said.
\"If the apartment is owned by two different landlords, there is nothing he can do in this case.
However, pardis says your landlord is not a police officer.
He said that if one of his tenants complained about the noise, he would tell them to call the police.
\"He can call the tenant and threaten not to renew his contract, but that is not the real reason to throw him out,\" Pardis said . \".
\"Your best bet is the police.
\"Despite this, other property managers urged themselves to talk to their neighbors to resolve the issue.
Wendy Heyman, owner of SGH Property Management, said, \"You have to live with this person, so your best course of action is to try to solve it in a friendly way, there will be no uncomfortable feeling in this way.
Once you get your landlord or police involved, she adds, \"You know you, that person will never be a friend.
\"Basically, you have to measure how annoying this person is by the way you solve the problem.
Maybe try the friendly knock first, then a note, then the landlord\'s participation, and finally the police.
Then you can say, \"Hey, I tried it.
\"Damaged appliances: if there is a fault in the refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dryer, freezer, etc. during normal wear and tear.
It\'s up to your landlord to solve this problem, says Heyman.
But say your best friend drank too much wine and put the phone on your garbage disposal device.
I blame you, my friend.
\"If you plug the toilet and we have to snake it out, blame you,\" Heyman said . \".
\"But if your flushing machine stops working, that\'s the responsibility of your landlord.
\"In terms of appliances, there may be a thin line between your responsibility and the responsibility of your landlord, but the bottom line is: Don\'t be an idiot, don\'t do anything to appliances you don\'t want to pay.
Bugs, cockroaches, rats, oh my!
If you are infected, your landlord must eliminate the animal and eliminate the problem, Pardis said.
But say your landlord didn\'t reply to your 1,000 phone call about the rat family in the fireplace.
Pardis said it would be a good idea to keep track of the emails you sent to the landlord about such issues.
\"Calling him may not do this, but an email proves that you have sent it,\" Pardis said . \".
\"Leave a piece of paper.
DiMella said: \"The Lock: the broken lock on your window or door is completely repaired by your landlord.
\"Anything related to safety or health issues is the responsibility of your landlord.
\"But like electrical appliances, the things provided are maintained by the tenants.
So don\'t punch holes in your window.
Stolen parking spaces: this is another situation, says Hayman, and the best thing to do is try talking to your neighbors first.
Obviously this works only if you know who is stealing your parking space.
But if a friendly note or knocking on the door doesn\'t work, Hyman says you have full authority to \"call the trailer company or police if someone stops at your location.
\"Mold: hope you never need to deal with the green and black gunk that climbs on the wall of the bathroom.
But if you do, Pardis says it\'s the landlord\'s responsibility to get rid of it.
However, mold is often a preventable problem, Pardis says.
\"College students will become lazy and hang wet towels at the back of the bathroom door to keep 24/7 humidity,\" he said . \".
\"It will be moldy.
They don\'t care because they don\'t live there.
Six months have passed. soon, there is mold everywhere.
\"The mold is severe and the respiratory spores are unhealthy-it can cause chronic cough and allergies.
Be a polite tenant.
If it is 100 degrees outside, you are taking a bath, opening the window or opening the fan.
Heat/air conditioning: If heat and air conditioning are provided to you in your rental agreement and there is one or another interruption, DiMella says it is your landlord\'s responsibility to fix it.
But if you have a window AC unit that you have installed yourself, it is your responsibility to install it and remove it correctly.
Water leakage: this also belongs to the National Health and safety regulations and is definitely the responsibility of your landlord to solve the problem. Other interesting tips :-
If you live on the first floor, your landlord should provide you with blinds, Pardis said.
But it\'s really your privilege if you choose to tear them off and let the whole block watch you dance \"get rid of it. -
Make sure you have two \"exit ways\" or escape ways.
This means that if there is a stairwell near your second entrance
Floor apartments, you should also have an unblocked fire exit or other means of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency.
Say it out loud if you don\'t have this!
\"The key to apartment life or any relationship is to have good communication channels,\" DiMella said . \".
\"There is still a long way to go to solve the problem quickly.
Unfortunately, not all properties are at their best.
However, it is desirable to have the right policy to address any issues that need to be fixed.
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